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Retired Country Boys & Diamond Girls:
Our Sires & Dams
Denim & Diamond "Bling Bling"

BLING” is Gorgeous AKC/CKC cream Standard Poodle

22" at withers


Dam: “French Vanilla”

Sire: “ Idaho Gem”

 “Bling" is an exquisite, elegant beauty of a Poodle.


"Bling" and her sister Isabella ("Bella") are graceful, athletic, sensitive and affectionate.


 “Lancelot" is the brother of both "Bling" and  Isabella.  Lancelot resides at the Abracadoodle Ranch in Washington.

Coco Diamante

Coco is a full sister to” Fizban the Fabulous” but much smaller, 22” at withers and 40 lbs.

Color: Chocolate and white parti - with a touch of lavender.  

 Coco is full of character, smart and very affectionate.


Ruby Red Electra “Elli”

Elli is a stunning abstract red that has exquisite confirmation and stature.  


Elli's parents are red and white parti Poodles.


A brilliant, loving dog who is very attached to my child.  



Diamonds are Forever "Tiffany"

Tiffany is a lovely F1 wavy coat Goldendoodle from “Bling” and “Twister”. "Tiffany" is a loving, playful and smart dog. She is a very house friendly size and weighs 41 lbs.


"Bling" is known to  produce super sweet and loving dogs which is why we have kept one of  Bling's daughters to continue her legacy.


“Tiffany “ will be paired with Ruff  for

mini medium F1b Goldendoodles. 



Copper Twisted Cowboy "Twister"

Twister is a home bred Golden from our 35 year old  Golden line and is a  5th generation male descendant from Kamptown Spur.  

Twister is a very happy dog who just wants to play with his kid all day. Loving, loyal, beautiful, and brains all in one dark red golden coat.  


This line produces dark red goldens with hunting style coats that have a bit of curl and feather when bred to our golden retriever line. The color of the coats is intense and always stand out among Golden Retrievers.  

Mixed with poodles we get a lot  of variations of gold.

Kamptown Spur “Spur” has moved on the greener fields with an endless supply of bones, lizards to hunt, and stuffed animals to protect.  Spur passed away at 14 full of  life and active till the last day.  


Spur is listed on the parent page as a tribute to him and our CopperTone Golden line, plus a reference to the classic golden look that we have bred for many generations.  Spur passes on his looks, color and brains, creating the spectacular doodles we have today.  


Thank you Spur for all your love and loyalty.

Kamptown Spur
CopperTone Cowgirl
"Cali "

 CopperTone Cowgirl " Cali" is a fabulous  50 lb compact dark red AKC Golden Retriever with a lovely short wavy coat.


"Cali" is a complete love bug that can be found waiting patiently in Morgan's bed for him to return from school or following  me around the ranch doing chores .  


A true golden in every way!  


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