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This program is designed to help with your puppy’s transition into his/her new home and family.  A new home and family can be stressful for both pup and family, so our goal to help educate your pup to ease your stress as well.

We Focus on crate training, house socialization with emphasis on housebreaking plus introduction to leash skills with a few basic commands. Your puppy will have one on one time in the day for private training, some solo time and plenty of time to still play with his/her siblings for furthered natural development.  We start puppies at 10 weeks old. This program is a 3 Week minimum.

The Kinder Paws program also includes: Updates as your puppy learns and grows, puppies board, any necessary worming and the 2nd shot in the Puppy vaccine series at 11 weeks plus Bordetella Vaccine. We only take 3 puppies for this program from each litter, so if this program interest you, contact me to make a reservation.


3 Week Kinder Paws Program: $850.00



13- 15 Weeks Of Age

If your puppy has completed Kinder Paws it can graduate and transition into Pawlementary at 13 weeks. Week 1 will concentrate on  review and enforcement of: crate training, walking on a leash, and housebreaking.  This strengthens the bond and trust with the trainer before introducing your puppy to the public.

Included in this program, your puppy will be visiting the vet at 14 weeks old to receive the 3rd Parvo vaccine, rabies, and a health report.  This safely opens the next two-week phase of our Pawlementary program.

During week two your puppy now can explore the greater outdoors and leave the ranch.  Your puppy will experience walks around town meeting and greeting people of all ages and sizes as well as other dogs. In these outings, your puppy will be introduction to children playing in parks, traffic, stopping at curbs, loading, and unloading from cars on command, and even possibly have a lunch dates with fellow doodle friends.  

At the end of week two your trainer will share a 2-week report, photo shoot, and working video for you. 

 Week 3 your puppy will be introduced and tested with more challenges in the public world. At the end of 3 weeks and you have made your appointment to pick up your puppy, we include an inhouse complimentary grooming. Your puppy will be sparkling clean when you come for your pickup appointment. This appointment will include a 1-hour personal consult and tutorial with your puppy’s trainer.

By this age in time your puppy will have an elementary school education.  We strongly advise enrolling in dog obedience classes to strengthen the bond and clearly communicate your expectations with your new puppy.

Once you have taken stewardship of your puppy, we will be available for brief follow up consultations.  The first hour is FREE, following consult and over the phone training will be billed at $50 hour. Or portions thereof.

3 Week Pawlementary Program $1250.00

*Must First Graduate From Kinder Paws Program, We Do Not Take Outside Dogs*



Charlotte Manos

Raylyn Watkins

Desiree Harison 


Kinder Paws and Pawlementary Training

Kinder Paws

10-13 Weeks Of Age

 "Thank you and Jenn! She is wonderful and we are in love. Kinder Paws was awesome- she is crate trained, sleeps through the night, most of the time, and is 99% potty trained (if the humans are paying attention).

-Deanna with Carmel 

Kinder Paws 2020

"Raylyn is so wonderful to work with, she is the best, very professional, communicative, kind, knowledgeable. We communicated a lot and I always felt like I could ask any questions or reach out any time. Follow up was great and we could really tell that she took good care of my puppy. Thank you!'"

-Kelly with Sebastopol 

Kinder Paws 2020

"It (Kinder Paws) is a great, much needed and welcomed program! I look forward to hiring Raylyn for my next pup!"

-Michele with Voodoo Queen 

Kinder Paws 2020

"We took Pepper to our vet for the first time on Wednesday. Our veterinarian   was impressed that Charlotte had the first and second vaccines done, done the Puppy wellness check and gave the 3 times per day feeding recommendations.  So thank you Charlotte and the Denim and Diamond doodle company for all 3 of our wonderful doodles!"

-Kent and Theresa with Pepper

Kinder Paws 2020

Photo of Pepper

"We would absolutely recommend this program(Kinder Paws) to anyone getting a new puppy.  In the beginning, we wanted to do Kinder Paws so that he could have other puppies to play with during his socialization phase of development (it's hard in covid times).  Now we are thrilled we did it because he had expert help adjusting to the world, learned basic commands, and he slept through the night without accidents on his very first night. We are so grateful to the whole team!"

-Claire and Liz with Lemon

Kinder Paws 2020


"Jen is amazing. I feel like she is a trusted friend!  I will bug her with growing puppy pictures. She is so amazing and kind and wonderful. Thank you!"

-Jennifer with Norman

Kinder Paws 2020

" From start to finish Jenn was very through and professional...I can't say enough about the training for our pup Stone, it has been an immense help as we transitioned to becoming a dog family"

-Natali with Stone

Kinder Paws 2021

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