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Could it get any better than a Labradoodles or Goldendoodle? Abracadoodle developed a magic combination.


One part Labradoodle and one part Goldendoodle.
Combine and wait 9 weeks.
Abracadabra—Abracadoodle!!  You have the “Ultimate Doodle” or “Double Doodle.”This combination was inspired by doodle seeking clients who asked repeatedly since 2001 “What is the difference between a LD and GD?” “ Which will I like better?” So…In 2007 Cindy got creative and started crossing F1b or multigen GDs with F1b or multigen LDs The result has been fantastic.  More colors, varieties and sizes than ever imagined. 

They are the best of all three worlds. Fabulous temperaments, trainability and the classic Doodle “look.”

Some people refer to them as North American Retrievers.  But Retrievers  are designated in a dog class called “Working.” Not that these Doodles couldn’t possibly hunt but that is not the focus in develop these dogs.  So we call the Ultimate Doodle or Double Doodles.

We currently do not have any Ultimatedoodles but if you are interested, please visit my mothers page to see her amazing Ultimatedoodles! 

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